Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blind Pig

A couple of years ago when Sonic Tower was getting into their groove, those two members wanted to start a more "conventional" band. This started as some foot tall combo amps and a kids jungle drum, with no sticks (this recording Is in existence, lucky for you). The original sound was tribal and industrial, resembling a dude snorting coke in the dark jungles of a distant planet, but then finding out it was habanero dust instead; all the while smoke billows out of some fucked-up looking smokestack. With the addition of a new bass player, Blind Pig took a more traditional approach on punk, stealing from the likes of: the Stooges, Black Flag, the Clash, the Melvins, and the Stone Poneys... But they retain the elements of heaviness; like in Cactus Hand, a spacey journey into a desert of shittyness. The other songs deal with more general problems, like she-devils and coffee addictions and bank accounts...

Cactus Hand
Caffeine Junkie

4$ to:
16378 Butte Mountain Road
Jackson CA 95642
for CD for inquiries

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