Thursday, December 2, 2010

#1 Sonic Tower

Back in June of 2009, two teenagers had a bunch of amps, guitars, weed, machines that make weird noises, and a shared love of Black Sabbath and Sleep. What they did not have were drums, or extensive talent and experience. But this little tape from the feet of the Sierra Nevada does Rock! A jammy ode to an ice witch who encased the earth in frost, a tripped-out song that conjures visions of giant mushrooms, a psychedelic burnout from space, and an epic tale of a space traveling, bong ripping, guitar riffing Wizard (Matt Pike?) all await on this little piece of teenage stoner noise.

Frost Witch
Toadstool Stomp
Blast off
The Sorcerer

4$ to:
16378 Butte Mountain Road
Jackson CA 95642
for tape for inquiries

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